What to post?

So, the problem with separating my “vanilla” life from my “slave” life is that…well, I have no idea what to post right now. On this blog, it should relate to bdsm, swinging and/or poly…but, I have nothing solid at the moment.

I was thinking about bdsm and spirituality – as I have both types of blogs that I follow and read, but I’m not sure yet what I want to say on that. Facebook of late has been full of political things – and I don’t really follow politics, nor do I relate them back to any alternative lifestyle, so that’s out. I could discuss gay marriage, and I might at some point – but, really, I think it’s been overdone of late. Before people get up in arms, I mean only that you can find discussions on gay marriage everywhere – and the opinions on it run the gambit. I’d have nothing new or interesting to add at this point, I don’t think. Yeah, I know..my blog, my opinion…I get it.

So…what do I post on? I have no idea…yet. Today’s blog may be late…well, rather, the content of said blog. I have to think some things over…but it’s likely going to be something on spirituality and alternate lifestyles. Unless someone has a suggestion?


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