Thank God. We aren’t going to trial!!!

I’m amazed this whole thing has gotten this far – but, it has. I’m relieved that a settlement has been reached and that we won’t have to go to trial. I’m sure that I would have won even going to trial – but the kids don’t deserve to go through all that hell just because my mother feels like she wants to win.

The last couple days have been wrapped up in trying to come to an agreement and having the Guardian ad Litem finish up her report. I guess the hearing on the 12th, the judge wasn’t happy with it and felt she needed to complete it. She talked to my son again, at the school, with his counselor present. I guess now they don’t really need to talk to my daughter.

The settlement is that the kids will be in Seattle for 32 days. My mother will pay for travel (or at least the Seattle family will) – round trip tickets have to be purchased and proof of purchase provided in advance. My uncle will be their guardian while they are there. If they leave the state (sometimes they take road trips during my uncle’s vacation), I need to be provided with an itenerary and a way to contact the children. Also, my uncle has to be the one to take them to the airport for the trip home. I feel this is more than reasonable, given everything that’s happened – and my son’s anger issues when he’s around her.

The agreement was only reached today, so no papers have been signed yet. Still, it’s a great weight off our collective shoulders and I’m glad that the children won’t have to worry about where they’re going to be one trial date to the next.