Mundane Life

Monday I was let go from my job. For the most part, it’s whatever.  The saving grace of that job was working from home. So, now I’m on the look out for another job.

Things have been going alone fairly smoothly. Yesterday, Master went out for awhile and he left me a chore list. I liked that, actually. I only had a few chores and  I got them all done before he got home later.  I didn’t think I’d be one of those women that would enjoy having a chore list. It’s not that I enjoy doing the chores, because really…it’s eh. But, I did like the fact that he left them for me and that I completed them in the allotted time. Granted, I had most of the day to do them. Even if I hadn’t though – or if he’d put the restriction of no computer before they’re done, I would have been alright and I would like to think I would have completed them.  I think it goes back to the control….he wanted it done, I was to do it, no questions, no excuses.

Today, there isn’t much to do around the house. There are a few things and I’ll get to them. I’ve picked up the kitchen, picked up the bedroom again a little….I’ll vaccuum the living room here in a bit. So, this is pretty much it…mundane life for the moment. But, it’s alright by me.



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