Master pointed out, rather unhappily, that it’s been a month since I’ve posted last. I could have sworn it was sooner than that – I thought I’d posted about Mr. B staying with us and what not, which didn’t happen until about Thanksgiving. Maybe it never got posted, because looking here, I see November 14th as my last post.
Some things have happened, but at the same time, nothing’s happened. Life still goes the way it does every day – we go to work, we come home, we do our thing. However, sprinkled in there, there’s been a few events of note.
First, Master no longer has a girlfriend. I won’t make any more comment on it than that. He spent a few days understandably angry. Our room mate went home for a week over Thanksgiving – I think it was good for him. It would have been good for us too, but we had Mr. B here. While I didn’t mind so much on one hand, on the other – it was incredibly frustrating. I had been hoping he’d be gone before Thanksgiving and certainly before roomie got home. I had been looking forward to that time for Master and I to have on our own.
Mr. B left just after Thanksgiving. He borrowed a couple hundred dollars from Master to get himself home – broke his neck, practically, to take his TV with him on the plane when he could have just left it here. Instead, he left his cat here. She’s adorable and cuddly. I call her Molly Mae to fit with the naming theme. Master has said no to letting me keep her though – and, even though I’m a little disappointed and I’ll miss her, I totally understand where he’s coming from. She’s still a kitten – less than a year old. Our cats are older and they don’t want to play so much, but Molly chases them down and corners them. Then there’s the issue of her clawing things as kittens do. We don’t have a scratching post to redirect that and while I know we could break her of clawing things she’s not supposed to, I’m pretty sure the three cats are never going to get along. They don’t fight as much as they used to, but the fights are getting bigger. Master said I have a week to find her a home or she goes out the door. I already posted at work, but haven’t heard anything. Tomorrow, she goes on Craigslist.
On the subject of Mr. B – Master called it. That makes me unhappy…if only because I thought more of Mr. B than that, but I guess his true colors are showing. I was able to contact him a few days after he moved, but after that? Nope. He still owes us money and we still have some of his belongings – for the moment, at least. I don’t have his California number and he’s let the time expire on his Kansas number. I can’t get on WoW – but, he has a GW2 account too and knows that I spend time on there. I shouldn’t have to track him down. So, he’s been written off as a friend. I’m disappointed.
Master has pointed out that I’m falling behind on things – the journal, I’m assuming is one of them. My weight loss, I know, is another. However, with all the extra expenses we’ve incurred – things like covering for the room mate (though we were prepared and agreed) and loaning money to Mr. B, we’ve been existing off things like hamburger helper. I no longer have the gym membership – which, I’d love to get back again, because I really do like the step class and I found that I like the piyoga class. To some extent, I even like the boot camp class on Saturday. It’s unfortunate too – because now that we don’t have Mr. B to worry about, I could easily get to the gym on the days of class, at least, if not every night (well, 5 times a week – don’t want to overdo it). Right now, though, there are more important things to worry about. The next shopping trips, I’m hoping we’ll be able to afford healthier things to eat throughout the day so we aren’t wasting time and energy with exercising. If I’m going to exercise, I want it to count. Also, we’re planning on trying to get a car here soon because the buses are changing times and routes just enough to be a big pain.
We have the tv in the bedroom that I need to get set up with either a system or the dvd player – I’d prefer a system though, because then I can watch youtube for some kettle bell weight routines, among other things. I’ll probably work on that after the holidays though.
I’m not sure what else I’m behind on, but I’m sure Master will tell me. I’ve been trying to keep up with the housework. I’ve been sick lately – and tired. Master has complained that I’m always tired – and often it’s because I don’t sleep much (averaging maybe 3-4 hours a night) or if I do, I don’t think I sleep well. Grandma has sleep apnea, and one of the signs was her falling asleep randomly. Admittedly, I do sometimes sleep because I’m bored. Sometimes, I just can’t help it – I’ll be sitting and watching tv, perfectly fine…and then nod off. The last time I went into a doctor about it was just after Jae was born. He gave me sleeping pills, which did little to nothing to help me sleep, so I never got it refilled. Here, I’m not sure where to go – but, I don’t have benefits anyway, so it’s probably going to have to wait.
The last week or so, I’ve been sick. Hacking and sniffling and weak. Yesterday, I did a lot of housework because I was home alone for awhile. I enjoyed it. I could do the housework at my own pace, not have anyone in the way or feel like I’m in someone else’s way. Master was at a gaming tournament for Warmachine yesterday. While it would have been good for me to go – I didn’t really want to. Nor was I particularly invited. No, I’m not bothered by that. I got a lot of stuff done around here – some of the stuff I’ve been putting off. I think I’m paying for it today though – I woke up at 5 am with a coughing fit and have been up ever since. I’m going to take some dayquil (its what we have) here in a short bit and take a shower to lay down. I still need to put laundry away, which I will do. I got it all done yesterday and got it all folded and stuff.
Tomorrow, I’ll finish up some transcription stuff and submit it. I’ve been looking for a 2nd job. No, I haven’t been scrambling for it – Master doesn’t think I should have to work one. Really, I don’t *have* to for us to be alright, but there are things we want and we’d get them quicker and easier with a little bit more income. It would allow us to save, too. I’m not in a particular hurry to find this job – and I want to work from home. If I can’t, then I want to work somewhere close by – like the Office Max or Wendy’s across the street. It’ll be better for me to get the second job, because I know Master hurts and he’s tired too – if I can take that stress off him, then we’ll be better off.
We’ve joined a couple local or semi-local swingers sites. We’ve met a few people and have been to a few parties. It’s been pretty good so far – for the most part, I’ve enjoyed myself and meeting the people I have. Two couples, in particular, have been around – well, one…the other..I’ll explain. so, the couple that we’re in contact with most often is T&K. The other couple is C&S.
The thing is…C&S don’t know how to just hang out. When they get together with someone it’s all about the play and when and how they can play. It explains a lot about the dinner we had with them…and the behaviors that I’ve seen after. C only plays with women, really…so Master has only been invited along because, well, it’s polite. And because if he can’t go, I won’t go. That’s not to say that if he doesn’t go, I won’t. If he chooses not to go, that’s one thing. C&S and T&K are close friends – well, the women are. Or were. But, C&S have gotten to the point of hardly acknowledging any of us when we’re together….at one party where all of us went to, they sat at the table and turned their backs to the rest of us. T and I commented all night how C scouts for pussy for S. That surprised Master..he hadn’t noticed it before. But, it makes sense, given everything. Yes, this is the abridged version.
At any rate T&K and Master and I have become friends. I talk to T almost every night and when we go to events, it’s been the four of us going. I think it really bothers C&S that they go with us now. It’s an attention thing. And they always have to do the one up thing. If you had a great time, they had a better time…whatever. The thing about T&K is they know how to just hang out. We can go to one of the parties and have a great time, whether we play or not.
That’s all I can think of for the moment in my little world. Some of this has been abridged, mostly because it’s just too much to type out coherently. I’m still a bit woozy and tired. Also, details…aren’t all mine to share. Life, in general, from my point of view…is pretty darn good.



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