Dear Reader,

Once again, Master is stressed out because of the roomie. I’m doing my best to give roomie the benefit of the doubt, but even I’m loosing hope at this point. I’m frustrated and stressed, but I try not to show it (I know, I fail in this – poor Master gets to hear my rants).

We’re behind on things and we shouldn’t be. The thing that absolutely drives me crazy is roomie’s lack of concern or urgency. Here we are, Master and I, struggling and sinking…and roomie just heads off into his room to surf for an internet ho – thinking, I guess, that we’ll pull a miracle out of our ass and everything will be fine. No concern whatsoever that *he* is the one who’s put us in this position to begin with. No sense of urgency that we’re waiting on his portion of the rent or the bills. And – when we cover for him, there’s no payback, no arrangement…nothing. He doesn’t talk about it at all.

All this stress is starting to affect Master and I and our relationship. Fortunately, not a lot at this point – but, enough that we’re arguing more again. Master is quicker to anger and any little thing seems to set him off. Not to mention he’s having difficulty sleeping and his stomach is bothering him again. All stress related things. There’s nothing I can do to help him – no medicine I can get him to help him feel better or sleep at night. I don’t have limitless amounts of money to give him so he doesn’t have to worry about that. I’m…at a loss of what to do to help ease the stress.

I try not to complain much (except about roomie, but I’m so frustrated with that I can’t help it) and I’m trying very hard not to ask for anything at all, even though there are things we could use for the house. I don’t want to kick the roomie out – but, if it comes down that…well, life is the best teacher sometimes.

I really wish there were more I could do to really help Master, to ease his stress.



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